About us

About us

Welcome friends! We are excited to bring to you a vast collection of DREAMY NURSERY Decor. Head to our shop and browse by Nursery type, By Theme or even by Gender!  

Sono Luna is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Midwest, baby! We create, design and manufacture a vast collection of baby room decor: Wall Vinyl and Fabric Decals, Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, Printable Art Decor, and more.

Sono Luna . I am Moon. Soy Luna. Je suis Lune. Ich bin mond. 


We are moms just like you, and we cannot get enough of Gorgeous Nurseries & Nesting Trends. This is seriously addictive and we are not making any apologies for it, we are embracing the addiction to baby stuff!
What motivate us? SERIOUS BABY ROOM ENVY. We strive for gorgeous style, trendy colors and most of all, a balance that brings together the WOW factor.

We are a small team of moms taking creativity to the next level. We design and make everything in-house, from concept and design, development of products, manufacturing and shipping the goods to you. Don't get me started on Live chat, Newsletters and Instagram promotions!

If you have something specific in mind that is not already in our catalog and would you like us to be involved in the project, please contact us!

Our newly launched website will have many interesting products all made by SONO LUNA, so check it out! We will appreciate your support in American Made Products, and even though we are professionally trained at staying motivated, we could use a shutout! Let us hear about your thoughts and suggestions through Facebook or email. We value your honest feedback, it helps us grow, please call us just to say hi!

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