What is your Nursery Theme?

Expecting moms get a lot of interest by family members, friends and even the perfect stranger, who by the way, is also expecting, at any place and any time...  Everybody wants to know the gender of the baby first,but then the next question is: "What is your nursery theme?"

Some moms already know exactly what they want, they have known for many years... they know the exact colors, they already have some fabrics purchased and they even acquired matching artwork!. Lots of creativity and time is invested in this mom's nursery decor!

One thing I've learned after 4 babies, there are no rules when it comes to nurseries! You can make it whatever you want it to be (or whatever your budget allows) or better yet, let your baby inspire your nursery decor.

My suggestion? Get the BASICS: Crib, mattress, changing table/dresser. Once you have that, start looking online what feels right for you and since your baby is part of you, we will assume she or he is also making the decisions (it is an inside job). Create a Pinterest Board and get this party started!

Why is important to know your THEME? Only one word: GIFTS!!!! 
I haven't found the person who does not get excited about gifting new parents yet, shopping for new babies is exciting and it is full of hope and good wishes. Your loved ones want to give you a meaningful gift, that is why you should know what you want so you will get the best gifts for your baby.

There are lots and lots of themes. Start browsing and see what you like.

You are welcome. :)