About our Products & Materials

All our products are handmade in Indiana, United States of America. We use quality self-adhering vinyl and fabric media. Interior vinyl and high-tack transfer tape for interior décor is manufactured by Oracal.

SonoLuna wall materials adhere to every surface, however, you will have a choice to select the right type of material based on your wall paint. We have tested our wall decals on many surfaces and we urge you to pay attention to the wall paint on your walls in order to select the right type of material. We cannot guarantee our wall decals will adhere to every surface equally well because we have seen that certain paints reject the decal and it will fall off the wall. Also, note that because our wall decal material is so thin, the grooves of a textured wall will show through.

Because the paint formulations are protected by trade secrets, it is difficult for any removable vinyl decal manufacturer to understand how film adhesives interact with these paints.
If you ordered wall VINYL decals then you should be aware of how these paints will affect your installation.

These paints have shown issues when applying VINYL wall Decals: (I will try to keep this list updated)

VALSPAR (this one also affects Self-Adhesive Fabric Installation)
PPG By Home Depot
Dunn Edwards
Benjamin Moore
KILZ PREMIUM High Hide Stain blocker.

We constantly do testing with interior paints and new materials in the market, and we found out that vinyl decals seem to work well with:

GLIDDEN ESSENTIALS flat or eggshell
Dutch Boy® flat

Additionally we provide a guide on Adhesion Cleaning Method prior to installation, and also PRO TIPS during installation. Follow these and you will quickly, easily and successfully adhere most decals to most wall paints.


PROS: These are thin decals and very bright colors and they are smooth with minimal luster. These will look painted on your wall, they are very thin and strong adherence on Glidden Essentials Flat or Eggshell, and Sherwin Williams Duration Flat or Satin.
CONS: Doesn't work with BEHR, VALSPAR, PPG, KILZ, and more. Please select Self Adhesive Fabric if you have used these interior paint brands.


PROS: GREENGUARD GOLD Certified Inks. Removable Medium Tack Adhesive that can also be re-positioned many times from wall to wall. It is durable and it won't rip easy because it is polyester fabric. It has a canvas-like texture and it is matte. This material could be better for textured walls because it is thicker than vinyl and can hid the texture better. However, if there are many "peaks" on your textured wall, no material will have enough surface to hold on to which might prompt the decal to fall off the wall or be punctured by the sharp peaks on the texture.

  • *There is no Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde in the adhesive and no Detrimental concerns of Phthalates.
  • Environmentally safe and bio-degradable over time, No PVC and nontoxic.
  • Not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavy painted spackled wall board.
  • Make sure you allow 60 days on newly painted surfaces for out-gassing. Otherwise bubbles may develop.

CONS: It is slightly thicker material than vinyl which makes it impossible to achieve good performance on smaller designs with too many details. It has a higher price than Vinyl. If recently painted your walls, wait 8 weeks before applying your decals.


*We have done extensive research and we have found Sherwin Williams Duration and Glidden Essentials to be the best brands that will work with our Vinyl and Fabric Decals.
**PLEASE WAIT 6 WEEKS AFTER PAINTING before you apply any decals on your wall.
***STAY WAY FROM VALSPAR and some BEHR types. These brands will not work with Vinyl decals, while most brands will work with Fabric Decals, some VALSPAR types won't allow a good adherence. We can't guarantee the Fabric decals will work with every kind of paint until we have done sufficient testing to share with you which ones have never had an issue to our knowledge.

IMPORTANT: During shipping the vinyl is exposed to extreme cold temperatures that might damage the adhesive. I recommend to all customers to keep the package away from the weather elements (sun, snow, rain, wind, cold, heat) and to allow time for the decal to be expose to room temperatures for at least 4 hours before attempting installation. We also suggest to install the decals within 30 days of delivery in order to obtain a full guarantee for the products.

Smooth and Textured Walls - Adhesion Characteristics

Adhesion is the ability of the decal's adhesive to bond to the wall. The amount of both initial and final adhesion varies with the type of adhesive used on the decal, the texture of the wall, the paint characteristics, the application temperature and the application techniques. The adhesive bond builds with time. The decal may never achieve its full bond if it is poorly applied or you are using the wrong decal/adhesive combination for the wall and its paint.

  • Adhesion, final. The maximum amount of bond achieved by a decal, usually in 24 to 48 hours after installation except in cool temperatures or textured walls.
  • Adhesion, initial. The amount of bond needed to hold the film in place during application.
  • Size of decal. The larger the piece of Decal, the greater the initial and final adhesive bond to the wall must be to support the weight of the decal.
  • Outgassing resulting from uncured paint: As paint dries, it releases certain gases until it is fully dried and cured. Applying a film before the paint has fully cured can result in lifting,bubbles and a premature installation failure. Unfortunately, there is no way to test for this. Cure time varies greatly and can be as long as 30 days. Failure to wait the necessary amount of time may result in outgassing when the film is applied which can contribute to poor or inconsistent film adhesion.
  • Stretching the decal. Decals stretched during application may later shrink. This affects the decal's adhesion to the wall and may result in premature failure.